Cards that Give Back is an initiative that began with a long-standing goal to incorporate a way to give back to the community through my small business. I’ve always wanted to find a way to use Paperscript products to create awareness surrounding important issues and bring joy to those who need it, and so Cards That Give Back was created.

Community, connection and giving back have become some of the main pillars of what we do at Paperscript. We are so passionate about helping others, and have made it a priority to support causes close to our heart as much as we can.

Want to learn more? Read about our campaigns via the two links below, or join us in 2023 to help support Women facing Cancer and check out our current campaign with Pink Pearl Canada. 

Have an idea of how we can partner together to create awareness, raise funds and encourage important conversations? Please reach out to me via my contact form, or send me an email at I'd really love to hear from you!