I believe in the magic of pen to paper and know that handwritten notes come straight from the heart. To me, joy is found in sharing a special gift, cheering each other on and adding the perfect touch with a thoughtful card. I've always loved celebrating special moments like birthdays, growing families, big milestones, and new beginnings. What stays with me the most are the little details.

Having a handwritten note not only shows that someone took a few minutes out of their day to write something personal, but it allows for a physical reminder that can be held in your hands to remember forever.

I am proud to say that all our products are designed and printed locally in Niagara, Ontario. Each order is handled with care and packaged by hand in my home studio. We do our best to source all Canadian materials to deliver a final product you're sure to love.

In a very digital time, paper still means something to me. At paperscript, I am focused on the details; it's often the small things that make something really stand out. I believe that offline is the new luxury and hope that our products inspire you to put it in in writing and always look for a reason to celebrate.

I look forward to helping you make your moments the most memorable and your spaces truly feel like home.