It's About Love

It's about love...that "can't live without you" kind of love. It's about soulmates, best friends, lovers and first crushes. It's holding eye contact for just a bit longer, hugs that feel like home and finishing each other's sentences. 

Love is love, and it's meant to be celebrated.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and this collection features greeting cards with lots of space to help you share the love.

The Valentine's Day collection is playful, romantic, and sincere.

I'm excited to launch three new products; heart shaped cards, mini classroom valentines and cotton drawstring bags

I wanted this collection to feel inclusive, a valentine for every love story or relationship. Old love, new love, and all types of heartfelt connections. 

Many of these cards can be carried past Valentine’s Day and used for other occasions like anniversaries, weddings and every day celebrations. 

With the current events in Ontario, focusing on classrooms through the mini valentines felt very relevant to me. I hoped this would be a fun, creative activity to do with your children while encouraging social connection and fostering positive relationships. This is also a fun and simple way to introduce them to lettering writing and snail mail!

Mail My Message:

Do you want to send a Valentine's Day card from paperscript in the mail? We can send it! Before adding your item to the cart, select 'Mail My Message'. Make sure to leave your thoughtful note filled with love and adoration for February 14th, and paperscript will send the card for you (yes, it's that easy!). 


P.S. Happy Heart Day!

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