Cards that Give Back

Cards that Give Back is an initiative that began with a long-standing goal to incorporate a way to give back to the community through my small business. I’ve always wanted to find a way to use Paperscript products to create awareness surrounding important issues and bring joy to those who need it, and so Cards That Give Back was created.

My husband and I experienced recurring miscarriages and difficulty starting our family and at that time, I needed something to pour my heart into. It felt natural for me to turn to art as a form of therapy which led me to start my greeting card business. 5 years and 2 beautiful daughters later, I am so excited to be able to host this fundraiser in support of the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network.
Thank you for your consideration in donating and for helping to share information about Cards that Give Back. 100% of all purchases on this site will be donated, to donate directly, please follow the link to my fundraising page on the Sunnybrook website.

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