Cards are for Every Occasion

Let’s rebrand celebrations to the everyday. 

We congratulate others on engagements, marriages, birth announcements, and retirements. These moments are monumental and exciting, marking a new chapter in a loved one's life. However, what about the sometimes forgotten or un-celebrated moments?

I recently came across a post on social media with a kind reminder to celebrate all accomplishments and milestones. After our collective experiences through these last few years, I think we can all agree that sharing a little extra love and ‘rebranding’ milestones is necessary. 

The post was so simple, yet so powerful. Encouraging readers to congratulate and recognize those who left toxic workplaces, began therapy, started a new hobbies or businesses, went back to school after years, and, at times, other undervalued life-changing experiences. 

When you’ve had coffee with a friend who has started physical exercise for their mental health, they deserve pride and admiration for taking care of themselves. A handwritten note, letting them know that you’re proud of them and you support their journey could brighten their day and motivate them to keep going! 

At Paperscript, we always encourage a handwritten note to let someone know you care. There’s no need to wait for a grand celebration for a card of appreciation. It’s time to rebrand celebrations and what is worthy of love and support, and that’s every positive step we take.

PS. snail mail is best when it's unexpected, encouraging and heartfelt!


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Heidi Ewert

Yes to this! I look forward to getting setup in our new home and sending out letters to our loved ones from my new office.

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