5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Thank You

As we move further into 2022, we want to help you fill the year with gratitude. We hope you are encouraged to put pen to paper and write your thank you notes! Perhaps you’ve been writing thank you cards for as long as you can remember, or maybe sending a quick text is more your style. We hope this year you feel inspired to express your thanks in a timeless and thoughtful way.

At Paperscript, we love handwritten notes to let someone know that you care. But we know, sometimes it can seem daunting. "What do I say, how do I properly express my gratitude through a handwritten card?" If this sounds like you, we’re here to guide you with 5 quick tips to elevate your notes to make them that much more meaningful.

1. Be specific: Tell them what you loved about the gift, how you made you feel, or how you’ll incorporate it into your life (if you can!).

2. Keep it simple: They will appreciate your thoughtfulness of sending a handwritten card, keep the message from the heart, short and sweet.

3. Their name: When you’re writing your thank you note, using a person's name will feel more heartfelt and sincere.

4. Word choice matters: Choose a descriptive, warm word such as gracious, thoughtful or kind. At times,  ‘thank you for..’ won’t always convey your message effectively.

5. Less is more: There is no need to write a novel. A few beautifully written words will means so much and carry a big impact.

Here's to your year, filled with appreciation and spreading kindness. Remember, thank you notes are not only for after you have received a gift. Try sending a friend a note to let them know how heard you felt after a meaningful conversation, send your Mom an unexpected card to thank her for having you over for dinner, let a co-worker know you're so happy you got to tackle an assignment together.

Happy writing!

P.S. There is never a bad time for a well written thank you note.

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