3rd Annual Cards that Give Back Campaign

In a world that often feels disconnected, there is incredible strength in coming together.  

I want to shed light on the importance of connection and why I am passionate about running a business prioritizing just that. I am so proud to host our 3rd annual Cards that Give Back fundraiser. Community, connection and giving back are some of the main pillars of what we do at Paperscript. We are so passionate about helping others, and have made it a priority to support causes close to our heart as much as we can.

Through our Cards that Give Back program, we work to create a network of love, hope, and solidarity. And this year, it’s about the incredible work that Pink Pearl Canada does to show women facing cancer that they are brave and that they are not alone in their fight.

I have admired Pink Pearl Canada for a long time, I love that they are local to Niagara and I love that they work to build a strong and supportive community. When I first sat down to meet with Pink Pearl founder, Elise I just knew that this organization was the perfect choice. We chatted about the many ways they support young women facing cancer and how important it is to have such a strong network of support at a time when one feels so vulnerable and alone. 

Pink Pearl really does it all, and if they can't directly offer what someone in their community needs, they help to connect you with a service that can. They are admirable, welcoming, thoughtful and you can tell they really operate from the heart. Below is just a short list of some of their incredible programs, but I urge you to visit their website to learn more. 

At Pink Pearl, they have...
- Supported over 3,500 young women facing cancer across Canada
- Delivered over 2,500 support packages to 42 hospitals and wellness centres 
- Awarded 10, $1,000 post-secondary education scholarships
- Offered individual counselling support through their One-on-One program
- Hosted Retreats, Local Socials and Learning Series sessions in Niagara, Toronto, London, Kingston and virtually
- Continue to partner with Sephora Canada to host our Brave Beauty Sessions, supporting hundreds of women in attending these classes both in-person and virtually

A big part of the goal for us was to work to bridge the gap between the person with cancer and their support person. Nobody knows what to do, what to say or how to respond when being faced with that news. I worked directly with one of the social workers, Ashley, on the Pink Pearl team to develop a simple guide of ideas of how to help. You can find that digital resource here to download, share or print for yourself. 

I am honoured to partner with Dixon Ink & Mini Memories Niagara on this initiative. They constantly support my ideas with their time and talent and I couldn't do this without them!

Thank you. Truthfully, thank you. For reading this, showing your support and for considering purchasing a card set from the Cards that Give Back collection and helping me get one step closer to my fundraising goal. If you are unable to purchase, please share the initiative with your family and friends and simply reach out to someone you care about, check in on each other and remember the power of connection.


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